The start of the world agricultural revolution


  • Using a special electrode and an electrolytic diaphragm, when a constant current is passed, water which does not exist in nature is made.
  • The water contains a large amount of electrons and hydrogen ions, and when used for agriculture

    1)Production volume increases by 20% or more.
    2)There are many advantages such as being able to CUT over 90% of agricultural chemicals.

  • An agricultural electronic function water generator SARES – Ⅱ – 300 can handle agricultural lands with an average of 50ha or more on a single unit. (SARES – Ⅱ – 500 type is twice that ability.)

We produce electronic functional water (ECOMIZER) at the production base.

Dilute to 50 to 500 times on site.

One fold spraying on 10th day.


Since JWS’s electronic functional water (ECOMIZER) is produced at high concentration, dilute it locally and use it. Therefore, we will not bear the farmers the initial cost. Also, highly concentrated liquid is safe (water level) and its efficacy is kept for more than 6 months. The cost of water is never too expensive.


Outline of agricultural test

We began research on agricultural electronic water function (ECOMIZER) in 2000, and repeated various trial and error and improvement, it was completed in 2010.

After that, I was able to put into practical use this year after practical testing in Japan, testing in Mongolia, and testing in China and Southeast Asia at last.

As you all know, Mongolia is one of the most inadequate for agricultural production in the world. In China, we judged that the site, water, air is dirty by overuse of agricultural chemicals for many years, that testing can be done on a large area as the test site. Southeast Asia was a test of heat and pest control.


As a result, it was confirmed that the electronic functional water (ECOMIZER) for agriculture is equally effective regardless of dry, wet, cold or tropical land.

We were able to confirm that the average harvest amount is UP more than 20%, and the agricultural chemicals can CUT more than 95% on average.

(With this result, the practical test for about seven years has ended.)


Wheat cultivation test in Mongolia Dense parts of color are cultivated with electronic functional water (1 ha) It looks darker as there are more ears than the field next field.

We were able to double the harvest volume compared with the conventional one.

Test site in China (Beijing) I developed the site of the parking lot of the automobile school to farmland and conducted various cultivation experiments here.

The left is traditional cultivation, the right is electronic functional hydroponic culture.


Strawberry cultivation test site of China (Sichuan Province) I could harvest earlier than ordinary cultivation, and I could repel mildew dampness.

Lettuce of Cambodia The left is normal cultivation, the right is electronic function hydroponic culture.


The world agricultural revolution that starts from Japan

Equipment (SARES II type)

It is as small and lightweight as possible, and the average junior high school student in Japan is at the level that can be assembled and maintained. (However, because it contains several special members, it is designed to be unable to copy overseas.)

Agriculture know-how

As a result of seven years of practical test (test farmland extended to 10,000 ha), I gained a lot of know-how. The book that summarizes it is “Plow the earth to plow the heart.” Currently, Japanese,

English, Chinese version is available. The translation of Spanish is progressing smoothly.

  • It is a book which has verified from a wide viewpoint to the characteristics, ability, and how to use of the electronic function water (ECOMIZER) for agriculture.
  • This book examines in detail what kind of chemical farming method was up to now, and how it is our future produced by chemical farming method.


Revaluation in Japan and a new challenge

Cultivation of garlic in Aomori Aomori’s garlic is not good this year because of the nematode problem.

Among them, garlic cultivated with electronic functional water was able to increase by 50% in yield.

In Norway the electronic functional water farming method was first adopted

Production of full pesticide-free grapes If this succeeds it will be the first in the world.


Features of Electronic Function Water Farming Method

  • ECOMIZER for agriculture is pure Japanese technology born and raised in Japan.
  • This is the only technology around the world.
  • is trusted technology that has been backed by the test using a vast land over a long period of time.
  • Low cost, simple, and highly safe technology.
  • This technology ensures high effectiveness.
  • It is a next-generation environment conservation type agricultural technology completely different from conventional chemical farming methods.     

This new technology is now being delivered again from Japan to the world.

This time as a next-generation farming method with high practicality, not testing.

Currently, many countries such as Northern Europe, India, Mexico, etc. are trying to positively adopt this farming method.


Notice of briefing on agricultural electronic water function (ECOMIZER) farming method

1.Date and time

August 23, 2017 (Wednesday) 13:00~15:00


Our training room



Representative Director Yuichi Ota


The agricultural method of the new era that we aim for.

5.Participating personnel

Up to 10 people (It closes when it becomes capacity).

Application place

TEL:03-5981-9131 FAX:03-5981-9132


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