Eco-friendly cattle breeding

Eco-friendly cattle breeding

Electronic functional water for cattle breeding

  • strong bactericidal power
  • Hygiene and Odor management
  • Effective for external wounds of livestock
  • Shortens shipping cycle

1.Healthy livestock with electronic function water

Because the electronic function water has a strong bactericidal power and pest resistance, it can be sprayed in the barn to control pests such as flies and moths, and it also helps to prevent viral infections. Moreover, by spraying on livestock and small animals, it is also effective for wounds such as bite, pus, and treatment of external otitis media and tympanitis.

2.Environment and hygiene management with fine fog spray

By spraying with fine spray at the injection nozzle, electronic functional water spreads to every corner of the barn, so you can maintain hygienic management, odor countermeasure, pest damage, virus outbreaks inside the barn, and sanitary livestock maintenance. This will reduce the mortality rate of livestock and improve management efficiency.

3.Can be mixed into drinks and feed

Electronic functional water can be used as drinking water for livestock or mixed with feed, which will promote the growth and shorten the shipping cycle.

Electronic functional water has a large amount of electrons and hydrogen ions, so it can prevent livestock’s cell deterioration (oxidation). And even human beings can deliver potassium ions that tend to be chronically deficient to each cell of livestock.

Cows being raises with electronic functional water

Very clean without any odors

Pig-pen in Vietnam

Pig dung disposal in Vietnam

Electronic functional water generator: SARES

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Electronic functional water generator:SARES

With SARES, cattle breeding can be healthier and more environmentally conscious at low cost.
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