Electrolysis Water

Electrolysis Water

What is electrolysis Water?

Neo Electrolysis of Water
Change the water, Change the World

Water with various properties can be generated by galvanizing at specific voltage/current, simultaneously to two special cambers, one with water and one with electrolyte.  We call the water “electronic functional water” (Neo Electrolyzed water).

Water is designed by each generated waters’ properties, and we distinguish the electronic functional water to ”Agricultural/Cattle breeding”, “Industrial”, “Medical.”

The water works highly efficiently and safely in various situations because the water is enriched with electron, hydrogen ion, potassium ion, and hydroxide ion.

The water possess infinite possibilities and versatilities.

Problems of electrolyzed water have been solved. The Neo Electrolyzed water can satisfy both high effectiveness and harmlessness in all situations which require washing/sterilization/growth promotion. The new born water possesses the potential to change the world.


Idealistic Electrolyzed Water is now come true.
We could achieved the mission because we had a clear vision

Electronic functional water holds infinite potentials. The key to be “the water which changes the world” was overcoming numerous imperfections in existing electrolyzed water.

Many companies aggressively challenged but could not reach to the idealistic electrolyzed water.

Despite with the difficulty, we never gave up because we could see the clear vision.


“No salt content” “Generate and discharge only one side water”
Our uncompromising research standards and engineer spirit lead to the highest perfection

The water with no salt content reached to the perfection to meet the world’s all demands. We spent enormous amount of time, work and money to overcome many imperfections in existing electrolyzed water.  In all these history, you will find our uncompromising research standards and engineer spirit.