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About Us

Greetings by the C.E.O.

The world’s first battery was invented by the Italian Alessandro Volta and more than 200 years have passed. Currently, this technology is applied to dry batteries, lithium batteries, hydrogen engines, hydrogen generation technology, plating technology, metal refining technology, salt, Caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite, etc. and supports modern civilization. (Academically, it is a classification of electrochemistry.)

It can be said that our country, Japan is running at its summit of the technology. In the prewar Japan, we used some water as a disinfectant and water obtained by electrolysis was used for many years. In addition, there is an era after the war when we used the same water as agricultural water. However, when salt is mixed in water and electrolysis is carried out, undecomposed salt remains. We believe that this salt has long hindered the spread of this technology because of various problems (soil salt damage, metal rust, etc.)

We have established a technology to make undecomposed salt 0 (zero) with ease and to maximize the water concentration. It was a long and winding process. (It is a method of diluting it on site.)

We have confirmed the capabilities of this method in medical, industrial, food, cattle breeding and agriculture fields. Looking back, it took me 14 years to finish everything and the test sites cover as many as 18 countries. We are now trying to enter full-fledged market development based on these results and achievements.

Ten years ago, when we said “sterilize with water” “decompose oil with water” “replace pesticides with water, and increase production volume” and “this water can help cattle and marine products bigger, nobody believed us. However, many people now believe in it and use it because of our accumulated achievements. This makes me happy.

The safe and secure world that does not rely on medicines, detergents, pesticides etc.is going to fall into our hands. Please extend your hands with the courage for the next generation and for children. We can deliver without fail.


2017 October 12th JWS International Corporation

C.E.O. Yuichi Ohta