The water reduces pesticides and low-cost agriculture
JWS electronic functional water activates soil microorganisms, soil organisms and plants while cleaning the soil (hydrolysis of pesticides, formation of neutralized salt). It is a technology that can increase production and it makes pesticides obsolete without adding unreasonable modification like gene recombination.

Eco-friendly cattle breeding
Because the electronic function water has a strong bactericidal power and pest resistance, it can be sprayed in the barn to control pests such as flies and moths, and it also helps to prevent viral infections. Moreover, by spraying on livestock and small animals, it is also effective for wounds such as bite, pus, and treatment of external otitis media and tympanitis.

Eco-friendly sea farming
The bactericidal ability of acidic electronic water by JWS is extremely high, and it is not comparable with sodium hypochlorite. Alkaline electronic functional water also shows sufficient effect against shrimp intestinal Vibrio bacteria.

Electronic functional water Generator

pH 13.0. It is the ultimate world that no one can reach. It is an unknown area that human beings will reach for the first time.
The infinite possibilities can be found in pH 13.0. It has the potential to make a major shift in every concept and value of all washing and sterilizing needs.


What is electrolysis Water?

This water is rich in electrons, hydrogen ions, potassium ions, hydroxide ions, and is very effective and safe in each field. It has infinite possibilities and it can be used in many ways.